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Genuine Leather Belts For Men

Belt Length
zdk333 Coffee 3.8CM
zdk333 black 3.8CM
Z111 Black 3.3CM
Z111 Coffee 3.3CM
Z222 Black 3.3CM
Z222 Coffee 3.3CM
555 Coffee 3.8CM
555 black 3.8CM
666 Coffee 3.8CM
666 black 3.8CM
888 Coffee 3.8CM
888 black 3.8CM
999 Coffee 3.8CM
999 black 3.8CM
777 Coffee 3.8CM
777 black 3.8CM

100% Genuine Leather Belts For Men For Fashion & Casual Wear

Features and Benefits:

• Belt width: 1.9 inch. • Buckle Length: 2.16 inch, • Buckle Width: 1.77 inch
• 100% top grain genuine leather sourced from Italy. Our products are one whole piece, no interlayer, no sagging.
• All out genuine leather belts for men have a natural characteristics. Our products may have a slight partial textures and wrinkles on the top of it, which is very difficult to avoid on whole piece genuine leather. They are not reagarded as defect.

• The products are heavy duty leather belts, more thick and durable leather belt than some cheaper belts, we guarantee that our belts do not break at least in 10 years, it can stand against tough work. We guarantee to change the belt if it breaks.
• This is a genuine leather product. The color might slightly get lost after frequently use. Slight color variation does not represent defects. To protect the quality of the belt please avoid rubbing against fragile or light colored clothing.

The materials are genuine leather belts which are sourced from Italy and they are 100% full grain cowhide leather. The products that we offer are hand made with soft leather that offers great touch feeling and age gracefully. One of the most durable materials is full grain leather. This leather is one whole piece ;eather and not maded our of small pieces.

How to indentify genuine leather belts:

Water absorption capability
The water can be observed if the water drop at the section surface or back side of the belt, as the surface of the belt have oil film to protect the body of the belt and increase the oil luminosity of the belt. The first layer of cowhide leather is compareable with human skin, if the belt can absorb water and expand the scope of watermark quickly, that proves it is an original genuine leather and not pressed leather or PU leather.
The smell of burning
After burning, a good quality full grain leather belt give off slight similar smell of burnt hair, if the smell seems like burnt plastic or something else, it is artificial leather belt.
Toughness test
The natural top layer of cowhide leather has high density, excellent toughness and abrasion resistance, and is durable, and artificial leather does not have this characteristics. To check the thoughness of the belt, cut it in the middle and try to tear it apart by hand. You will notice that it is very hard to tear the belt apart. on the contrary an artificial belt can get tear apart very easily.

Examine the leather belt structure and surface:

There exist good luster on natural full grain cowhide leather, while there are a lot luster on artificial leather. Eventhough the top layer of full grain cowhide leather has been processed, it still retains some irregular pores. Small parts of the product may have slightly scars which is natural in genuine leather and it is not possible to avoid it.
In our products, we will always use only top rated genuine leather on our belts.
One of the most compact dermal fiber is whole piece cowhide and we guaratee that our belt are made out of these best quality products. Our data shows that a full grain leather material is three times more strong than the ordinary cowhide leather belt. What is more inportant, that we promise no interlayer and no sagging in the belt, we can do it always in the future.

Product details:

• Item Type: Belts
• Belts Material: Cowskin
• Belts Material: Metal
• Gender: Unisex
• Belt Width: 3.8cm (1.49'')
• Buckle Length: 5.5cm (2.16'')
• Buckle Width: 4.5cm (1.77'')